How to upload product Videos with Youtube API Key in Magento 2


Magento 2 store supports users with the feature of uploading video for any product that helps to improve the quality of the store page. The product video is an exciting and effective brief for the customers before purchasing. It may boost sales in overall. The videos can be uploaded from your browser or embedded from a Youtube link with API Key from Google account.

This tutorial will guide you how to insert the video in the configuration by using Youtube API Key.

1. Login to your Google account. Go to Google Developers Console.

2. Under Use Google APIs, select Youtube Data APIs.

3. From the left panel, select Credentials > Create Credentials > API Key.

4. Choose Server Key and enter the name for the key as well as the IP address. Click Create. After that, copy the key to clipboard.

5. Login to the backend of your Magento 2 store.

6. From the Admin sidebar, navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration. > Catalog > Catalog.


product video youtube api key

Explore the Product Videos section and paste the YOutuve API Keys into the box.

Click Save Config. to continue.

8. Go to Cache Management to refresh the cache after the process.


images and videos

Go to Product Detail.

Click Add Video black button to insert the video.

Enter the URL of the video.


enter video url

  • After entering the URL, enter the Title and Description.
  • Browse the image and select the file to upload the Preview image.
  • Click Get Video Information to use the video meta data.
  • Assign the role to the video.
  • Click Save to finish.

That comes to the end of the tutorial. Please comment below if you have any further questions on this topic.


How to upload product Videos with Youtube API Key in Magento 2
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