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A rich user experience, higher SEO ranking, and faster loading web pages are some of the key aspects that can take your Magento online store to the next level. Magento is one of the most dominating Content Management Systems that empowers both webmasters and non-tech savvy users to build striking eCommerce sites, without any heavy lifting – all thanks to its wide range of extensions or we can say plugins. Each Magento extension has been designed to improve the way you run your web store – from performance optimization to Security enhancement.

But when it comes to the search engine optimization, you need to choose the best SEO extension(s) that can help you get higher ranking on Google and other search engines with ease.

In this blog post, We will explore the 7 best SEO extensions that can improve the SEO ranking, accessibility and web traffic on your Magento online store. You just need to streamline the perfect SEO extension to your eCommerce site and enjoy its overwhelming features, without ever generating a single line of coding.

Let’s get started!

Advanced SEO Suite

advanced seo suite magento extension

Product Page:

Cost: $149.00

Advanced SEO Suite is an incredible SEO extension for Magento that enables users to optimize the specific categories and product groups for particular search terms on a template. The extension lets you enhance the visibility of your site in Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

With this tool, you can take the ranking of your Magento eCommerce site to the higher level in SERPs. It helps you in creating SEO-friendly Meta tags, H1 heading, meta description for any product or category in no time. Also, create friendly URLs for the layered navigation to get better results.

You can buy the Advanced SEO Suite for $ 149 and optimize the content of your eCommerce site for search engines in minutes.

Magento SEO Suite Ultimate extension

magento seo suite pro extension

Product Page:

Cost: $249

It is an all-in-one SEO solution for Magento that simplifies your search engine optimization process by optimizing the content of your e-store on the fly.

The extension helps you optimize the meta tags, meta titles and meta description of your e-Store for Google and other search engines. It also supports advanced Magento Rich Snippets and provides SEO for layered navigation pages.

The best thing about the Magento SEO Suite Ultimate extension is that it allows you to solve duplicate content issues, without any hassle. You can even extend the HTML/XML sitemap using this tool. Plus, it is fully compatible with All Magento Security Patches.

Ultimate SEO Suite

ultimate seo suite

Product Page:

Cost: $159

Ultimate SEO Suite by Aheadworks is an amazing tool that can improve the ranking of your Magento online store on SERPs.

It is jam-packaged with a ton of overwhelming features, along with multi-store support for your first/next online business. In fact, it makes it super-easy for you to add canonical URLs in the individual product page, sitemap, and Google sitemap. You can even split your sitemap into smaller and manageable files so that they will get approved instantly by Google.

With this extension, you can index images on your site in order to allow Google to index these images and adds them to the picture search to drive more traffic towards your site.

Magento SEO Plus

magento seo plus

Product Page:

Cost: $99

If you are looking for a reliable SEO solution for your e-Commerce site,then Magento SEO PLUS is an ideal solution for you.

It is an exclusive SEO extension for Magento store that minimizes your SEO workload and offers you an easy way to optimize your product pages, product categories, for popular search engines (Google).

This a robust SEO solution that can improve your store’s ranking, and allow search engines to crawl, index and rank pages of your site instantly. It lets you optimize your e-store for specific/relevant keywords and also helps you eliminate duplicated content related issues.

To an addition, you can split the XML sitemap for your Magento Store using this module. Even, it allows you to hide product, category and web pages from site map with ease.


reload seo magento extension

Product Page:

Cost: $14.95

The ReloadSEO offers an easy way to optimize your online store’s content for search engines on the fly. It lets you create SEO-friendly content that can improve the visibility of your e-store on multiple search engine platforms.

You can also get real-time feedback on how well your product pages or categories are optimized for SEO while writing your content. The score in the product index view enables you to easily categorize your products depending upon how well you optimized them.

It not only aids your Magento site’s on-page optimization, but also boost the conversion rates to get you generate more quality leads.

Magento SEO Suite Pro Extension v4.2.0

magento seo suite ultimate extension

Product Page:

Cost: $149

Magento SEO Suite Pro extension comes packaged with a complete set of tools to help you perform effective on-page optimization with ease.

This extension is a perfect for all scales of Magento stores – all thanks to its extensive range of functions and features. You can use this module to increase the ranking of your Magento store on Google, and other search engine platforms. It also offers you an option to solve content duplication issues, along with rel=canonical tags too. The tool allows you to tell the engine which URL is the correct version and helps you optimize internal site duplicates in minutes.

You can even control the access of web robots to specific pages and robots.txt of your Magento e-store. Plus, it allows you to generate and upload HTML and XML sitemaps of your Magento site in order to improve its online visibility across popular search engines.

Magento Canonical URLs Extension

magento canonical urls extension

Product Page:

Cost: Free

This module lets you generate canonical URLs for your Magento store in a simple and effective way. Magento Canonical URLs Extension is developed by FMEAddons and offers you a complete range of advanced tools that can help you increase the ranking of your e-store in search engines.

It is a super-easy Magento extension that enables search engines to choose the specific pages as per the number of visits on each categories. This practice makes it easy for you to encourage more visitors on these pages, without any heavy lifting.

The best thing about this extension is that I can incorporate a drop-down menu on your online store. You can either generate a canonical URL automatically or do it manually – completely depends on your preference. It also offers correct URLs from databases for your e-store’s web pages.


These are the seven best and most promising Magento SEO extensions that can help you get higher ranking in search engines, which in turn drives more organic traffic and boost the conversion rates of your online business.

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