Top 10 Magento Store Development Tools in 2016


With the advent of mobile Internet, ecommerce is flourishing, and ecommerce developers are busy to find solutions to deliver projects quickly and with quality at competitive rates. Among the present ecommerce solutions, Magento is king and grabbed a big chunk of market share by winning the hearts of developers as well as store owners with its rich features and functionality.

Therefore, naturally, inclinations towards Magento is more and people are eager to know anything regarding Magento and its development process in ecommerce communities. Thus, today we have initiated a post to acknowledge Magento developers about some helpful tools to boost Magento store development and its performance. Technically, Magento is not so simple to open source PHP platform so without some external help, Magento designers, and Magento programmers cannot infuse desired features and functionality without any hassle. Moreover, demand for rapid and cost-effective development process stands still in the market and developers have to count each step with such considerations in mind. Therefore, some development tools ease the process and make life easy for developers.

In this post, I will introduce top 10 top 10 Magento Store Development  Tools in 2016 that may be helpful for your store development


No. 1: PHPUnit

phpunit magento development tool

In order to assure high quality ecommerce development, unit, and functional testing is essentiality. Among these, unit testing should carry out right from the beginning of the development process. Unfortunately, Magento lacks built-in unit test suite. Thus, the code is not oriented running unit testing over it.

Moreover, Magento is quite a complex PHP open source platform for coders to create feature rich online store with myriads of functionality and customization. In such scenario, PHPUnit is the right tool to offer comprehensive unit testing suite without making any change in core code or brake databases.

It is possible due to a separate database connection for testing and replacement of objects during the run-time period.


No. 2: MageTool

It is automating some common operations during Magento ecommerce development such as

  • Developing modules
  • Controller operations
  • Clearing cache
  • Re-indexing data
  • Automating multiple repetitive tasks

Therefore, MageTool is highly popular among Magento developer community, which wants to speed up development process without losing control over quality.


No. 3: Magneto Debug

magento debug development tool

In order to assure high-end online ecommerce store with performance and user experience qualities, thorough debugging is essentiality. Therefore, Magneto Debug tool is winning hearts of Magento developers by providing developer toolbar.

It is based on Django Framework and comes with multiple look-up, which is its specialty. It offers distinct features such as

  • Magento module listing
  • Displaying peak memory usage and script execution time
  • Requesting information
  • Model instantiation
  • SQL query execution for current request
  • List configuration
  • Print layout handling
  • Creating blocks and templates
  • Taking some quick actions like template toggling and cache clearing


No. 4: AvS Scope Hint

AvS_ScopeHint magento development tool

It is a warning tool, which warns Magento programmers when anything is going wrong in coding. Early warning saves coders from frustration and time wastage, besides saving valuable content and code from deleting.


No. 5: CommerceBug

commerce bug magento

It is popular among the Magento developer community because of its code-solving capacities. Thus, it helps programmers a lot in programming and system management of Magento platform.

Of course, it is a paid tool with $50 charge, but it is worth to spend for its fascinating features and functionality. For instance, CommerceBug is providing complete XML layouts with different handles, capable of the log the information, etc.

Thus, programmers can solve every bug with the help of this tool.


No. 6: n98 magerun

n98 mage run magento development tool

It is a command line interface tool for Magento developers assist in streamlining numerous tasks, which are time-consuming hence, costly. Therefore, it is all time-consuming processes for developers and boost development speed.


No. 7: Mgt Commerce Tool

It helps frontend professional Magento developers to find out bottlenecks and performance relevant issues quickly and solve it all using the out-of-box features of the Mgt Toolbar. Its features include:

  • Caching
  • Requests
  • Block nesting
  • Profiling
  • Database queries
  • Event Overview

Magento programmers are using it to investigate the parse time, memory consumption, and query relevant executions. Thus, it helps Magento developers to enhance the overall performance of the entire system.


No. 8: Easy Template Path Hints

template path hint

As its name suggests, it provides an easy way to block hints during Magento development process through additional parameters to the Controller without frequently indulging into the backend to manage specific options.

Just like Joomla, the template path hints are turned on. Moreover, it has plenty of other helpful features for Magento developers such as proof upgrade module to offer convenience to developers.


No. 9: Couchcommerce

couchcommerce magento tool

In the mobile era, ecommerce store must be mobile friendly, and Magento by default offer very few themes, which are responsive in true meaning. Therefore, Magento developers have to look outside to make Magento development mobile friendly and design responsive web design ways.

Couchcommerce helps Magento developers in this regard and turn desktop versions into mobile-responsive versions with native user experiences. Moreover, it has Sofa SDK Technology to enable Magento designers and programmers to add essential functionality including 3rd party integrations, constant updates, offline functionality, etc.

Of course, such quality features never come free, so it has cost worth to spend.


No. 10: Mobify

mobify magento

As its name suggests, it brings mobility features into your Magento storefront right from the development stage. It provides mobile shopping platform by merging current web store with mobile store without altering your online marketing software at all.

Once you integrate Mobify, you can extend capabilities of ecommerce to the mobile optimized solutions with user management tools in the backend. Thus, your online Magento ecommerce store enables you to use mobile payment, touch security, NFC, and other such mobile ecommerce features through Mobify integration.


It is true that Magento is feature and functionality rich ecommerce platform though it needs external tools to adopt modern trends and advanced technologies.

We had explored some highly useful tools in this post used for different purposes. Besides these, many other tools are available in the market and only seasoned Magento ecommerce developers or a team of skilled and experienced programmers can help clients to bring desired features and functionality with rapid and reliable Magento development.

Top 10 Magento Store Development Tools in 2016
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