There has been an error processing your request Magento – how to fix


There has been an error processing your request, Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons is a common error that you will encounter when working with Magento.

What does the error look like?


In this tutorial we will find out how to debug and fix this error for your Magento store. I will also share with you a little trick to enable error log showing right in the error page.

Cause of the error

We usually see this error when installing a new Magento theme/module. The conflict between some components of Magento cause this error and Magento cannot operate properly. Another common cause is related to cache folder of Magento, which I will explain below.

How to debug the error

As can be seen in the error page, we will need to check error log record number xxxxxxx. Error log files of Magento are generated in /var/report. You will need an FTP client to open the file and read error log.

You can also enable printing error by navigating to Magento/errors, you will find a file named local.xml.sample  file, now rename this file to local.xml. Next, flush Magento cache and reload the error page. Now you will see error displayed as below

there has been an error processing your request magento 2


Clear cache folder

In most cases, you can easily solve this issue by deleting or renaming cache folder of Magento located in var/cache. Go to /var/cache and delete all files/folders inside, as following:

var cache folder magento

Specify cache folder for Magento

Sometimes when cache folder is not set, the error will appear. To specify cache folder for Magento, navigate to /lib/Zend/Cache/Backend/File.php, find

and change it to

Then save your file and remember to clear cache.

cache dir magento

Next, check if there is /tmp folder in your Magento folder, if not create it in Magento root folder.

Go and check if the error is gone.

Make the error log show right in error page

The error page’s skin file is located in /report/skin/default/index.phtml. You can change style of this page as you want.

there has been an error processing your request magento skin file edit

To enable showing error right in error page, you can use the following code in index.phtml


Hope this tutorial help you find out the error that make There has been an error processing your request. All the solutions are based on my real experience working with Magento, feel free to let me know if you have any other solution for this error, I will update your solution to the article.

There has been an error processing your request Magento – how to fix
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