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Wishlist is a convenient tool to the customers since they may wonders about the products for sometimes before deciding to make the purchase. They may have a look through a very wide range of products so that the wishlist helps signed in customers not to remember or note down every single one that they are interested in for the next store visit. The wish list will appear on the dashboard of customers’ accounts. The products, however, appear with only the option that was chosen by the customers and the quantity is updated automatically based on the number of time being picked.

Wish list Magento 2

As being enabled, the Add to Wishlist link will automatically appear on the category or the single product page on Magento 2 store. Depending on the theme selected, you can either use a text link or graphic image for this function. The wishlist is also allowed to share with shoppers’ friends by an email sent from store’s email address with the flexible content written by the clients themselves.

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This tutorial will guide you through the process of wishlist configuration.

1. Wishlist Enable

1. Login to the backend of your Magento 2 store.

2. From the Admin sidebar, navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration > Customer > Wish List.

3. Explore the General Options section and select Yes to enable the wishlist.

General Option

4. Explore the Share Options section:

Share Options

  • In the Email Sender section, enter the contact email of the store.
  • In the Email Template section, choose the one that will be applied to the receiver if customers want to share their wishlist.
  • In the Max Emails Allowed to be Sent section, set the limit of emails to 10,000.
  • In the Email Text Length Limit section, set the limit for the email content.
  • In the My Wish List Link section, select the suitable solution.

My Wish List Link

5. Click Save Config. to finish.

2. Wish List Sharing

Magento 2 allows customers to share their wish list with the management from both the customers and the store admin.

Wish List Sharing

1. Login to Customer Account.

2.  Navigate to Account Dashboard > My Wish List.

3. Leave Comment in the Comment box.

4. Click on Share Wish List button and insert list of emails to share with a comma in between to separate them.

5. Enter the Message for the sharing emails.

Now your sending is ready.

6. To transfer the product(s) into your cart, open the My Wish List, move the items into cart and click Add to Cart. You can move all items to cart by clicking Add All to Cart.

3. Wish List Remove

The Wish List Module can be removed by using the following command:

You can also go to app\etc, make the relevant module to zero and run the command:

Admin functionality still remains the same while the front end functionality is removed.

That comes to the end of the tutorial. If you have any trouble applying this tutorial, please comment below to let us know.


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