How to Set Free Shipping for a Brand or Some Products in Magento 2


In this Magento 2 tutorial we will learn how to setup free shipping for all products or just for Orders over specific amount.

With Magento 2, business owners can also set a minimum order amount to acquire free shipping offer. It is no based on service availability or any carrier restriction on weight since it makes things easier to offer Free shipping across all shipping methods. This is an advantage of using Magento 2 if your carrier shipping accounts established since it is only available if all conditions for delivery method, destination and allowed weight are achieved.

Why Free shipping is a MUST for online business?

There are a wide range of shipping methods including free shipping, reduced rate shipping, next day shipping, 5-7 working days shipping, etc. for online stores to choose, even the small ones. As can be seen, shipping methods are mostly necessary evil for internet sellers. However, whenever possible, free shipping is still the most welcomed method by the customer and is crucial to any retail websites. For Magento 2, Free shipping is an effective tool to improve customer service, encourage consumers to spend more money to achieve free shipping method, and hence, promote the site.

Recent research data shows that online customers nowadays actively seek free shipping as searching for sites to shop at. They begin to expect free shipping to be available at the site either as a promotional bonus or as an automatic feature. Without Free shipping option, retail sites can be considered to have poor customer service and loose their customers as a consequence.

free shipping for Magento 2 is a must have function

Now ahead with this tutorial and insert the Free Shipping method into your Magento 2 store today.

How to set up Free Shipping Promotion?

In Magento 2, Free Shipping set up goes through four main step: activate the Free Shipping method; activate Carrier Configuration; create Shopping Cart Price Rule and finally test the newly created rule(s).

Step 1: Free Shipping Activation

Login to your back-end of Magento 2, on the Admin Panel, choose Stores > Settings > Configuration

 access shipping config panel

Under Sales section, select Shipping Methods

shipping method

Click to explore the Free Shipping section like this

configure free shipping for magento 2

  • The Enable section allow to put Free Shipping to “on” mode by choosing Yes.
  • Enter the title of promotion to Title section.
  • Add the Method Name to clarify shipping method. In our case of Free Shipping, choose Free.
  • Choose Minimum Order Amount to set the lowest required purchase amount achieving Free Shipping.
  • In the Displayed Error Message, enter the message that will appear in case of unavailable Free Shipping.
  • The Ship to Applicable Countries allows enterprise to offer Free Shipping to either All Allowed countries (offer supports for every countries) or Specific Countries (offer supports for selected countries only).
  • If your want to show Free Shipping offer all time, set Show Method if Not Applicable to Yes.
  • To set the Shipping method(s) on the check out page, click the Sort Order to set up.

Do not forget to click Save Config. to finish the process.

Step 2: Carrier Configuration on Free Shipping activation

In the same category of Shipping Method as previous step, go to UPS section.

Carrier Configuration on Free Shipping activation

  • Free Method of shipping is supposed to be set to Ground.
  • In the box of Free Shipping with Minimum Order Amount, enable free shipping and in Minimum Order Amount for Free Shipping field, set the minimum amount of orders applying free shipping offer.

Click Save Config. to finish.

Step 3: Shopping Cart Price Rule setting

In Magento 2 Admin Panel, choose Marketing > Promotions > Cart Price Rules.

Cart Price Rules

3.1 Free Shipping applied for any order

In Magento 2, we can set free shipping for all orders. Navigate to Rule Information tab.

Free Shipping applied for any order in magento 2

  • In the Name box, set new name for the new rule and leave some description of that if necessary.
  • Assign Website and Customer Group.
  • As applying the rule, set Status into Active mode.
  • In the Coupon box, choose either Specific Coupon for offer shipping promotion with coupon and No Coupon for the one without coupon.

Explore the Actions tab. Click on Pricing Structure Rules section.

Pricing Structure Rules section magento 2

  • In the Apply box, set the Percentage of product price discount to be applied.
  • Change Apply to Shipping Amount into Yes.
  • In the box Free Shipping, set For shipment with matching item.

In the tab of Labels:

  • Choose the Default Label section and insert the Default Rule Label for All Store views.
  • Set the label for each store view in the Store View Specific Labels section.

Click Save Rule to save the process.

3.2 Free Shipping for Orders over specific amount

We can also apply free shipping for orders over specific amount. Replicate all the steps in the above section.

Click on the Add icon to set Conditions to Subtotal.

Free Shipping for Orders over specific amount magento 2

Explore the Actions tab. Click on Pricing Structure Rules section.

  • Set Percent of product price discount in the Apply section.
  • Set Yes in the Apply to Shipping Amount.
  • Set For shipment with matching items in Free Shipping.

In the tab of Labels:

  • Choose the Default Label section and insert the Default Rule Label for All Store views.
  • Set the label for each store view in the Store View Specific Labels section.

Click Save Rule to save the process.

Step 4: Set Rule checking

The new rule(s) may take some times to become available. It may take an hour or more to get into the Magento 2 system. After that, you should test the new rule to ensure it works properly.

Now start set up the Magento Free Shipping offer into your online store and allow customers to experience a premium customer service. If there is any concern, do not hesitate to leave any question(s) you have in the comment.


The delivery of products to your customers can be one of the most complicated considerations in your online business. Business owners’, however, are still able to offer customers with affordable shipping methods while keeping the expenses at reasonable price. This process requires proper planning and careful attention to details. Logistic and shipping has inseparable relationship and are worthy of its own section in your attention list. The topic of shipping is remarkably enormous including endless related options, for example, to width, length and height, edible, breakable, and free shipping offers, etc.

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