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Configurable products have always been the crucial task and indispensable for tidy and smart catalog arranging. Being aware of this fact, Magento 2 allow you to create a Configuration Product through many variations that are consolidated at one product page and all listed in drop downs what makes more engaging customer experience.  It is also simple for the store owner to track inventory for the product variation since each option is actually just a simple product with a unique SKU. Although you can also have this advance as creating a simple product with custom options, it is impossible to track inventory smart like that way.

The series: 

Despite the fact that configurable product setup may take some time, it is truly a time-saving solution in long term for your business growing. Configurable product type is a smart choice for ones with multiple options. One example is like following:

magento 2 Create configurable product step 1

This tutorial will help you simplify this difficult and complicated process.

1. Create the Configurable Product

Step 1: Product type of Configurable Product selection

magento 2 Create configurable product step 2

  • Login to the back end of Magento 2.
  • On the Admin sidebar, navigate to Products > Inventory > Catalog.
  • Tap the upper right orange corner on the Add Product menu and from the drop downs, select Configurable Product.

Step 2: Product Template Selection

magento 2 Create configurable product template product

The Product Template can be selected by either of two following methods:

  • Click on the Search box and enter directly the template name that you want to pick up.
  • Click on the list and select the template that you want to apply.

A Configurable Product requires the option of available fields must contain at least one drop down attribute.

Step 3: Required Fields Completion

  • Go to Product Details section.
  • Enter the product Name.
  • Either accept the default setting SKU based on the product name or enter other value if necessary.
  • In case that tax changes, change the Tax Class. (Default setting is “Taxable Goods“.)
  • If the product is not ready to publish on the store in the catalog, set the Product Online by switching to “Off“.

Step 4: Remaining Product Details Completion

magento 2 configurable product detail

  • In order to add image(s) representing the configurable product as a whole (or you can probably wait until later when you set up the configurations), you can following these steps:
  • Drag an image from your computer and drop it into the Images and Videos box.
  • In the box, click the Camera Title and navigate to the image file on your computer. Select the image(s) and click Open. A placeholder appears on the screen until the image(s) is uploaded. Video can also be added into the gallery.
  • Quantity field is unavailable since it is determined by each product variation.
  • Products can be assigned into category by doing the following steps:
  • Type to find a match then choose Category.
  • Click the icon of Show List to see the whole Category tree. Drill down to see all the available Categories and click on the one to which you want to assign your product.
  • Click on the New Category and enter the Category Name; choose the Parent Category to determine its position in the structure of the menu. Click Create Category to finish.
  • Enter the Description of the products as needed. Click Submit. Additional control can be used by WYSIWYG Editor.

Step 5: Save

In the upper right corner, click Save.

Continue with Adding Configurations in part 2.

2. Add Configurations

In this section, the tutorial allows you to know how to configure multiple colors or size for each Configurable Product. It is more complicated than just simply creating Simple Products with unique SKU and next combining all variations together. Notice that you should keep track the progress bar at the top of the page which shows you where you are in the process and what next steps are.

magento 2 Create configurable product process bar

Step 1: Attributes selection

magento 2 Create configurable product attribute selection

  • At the bottom of the section Product Details, explore Configurations. Click on Create Configurations.

magento 2 configurable product create new attribute

  • Mark all the check box of attributes that you want to set.
  • Click on Create New Attribute to add new attribute. Remember to click Save Attribute to save your work after completing the attributes properties. Mark the check box of the new attributes to select. If you want to add new attribute for product, take a look at this tutorial: Create and Manage Product Attribute in Magento 2
  • Click on Next at the upper right corner.

Step 2: Attribute Values Enter

magento 2 configurable product manage attribute

  • As selecting variations of the product, mark the checkbox.
  • Click Create New Value to add new value to the list. After entering the value of the new input, click on the Enter arrow.
  • The process can be repeated to all attributes that are chosen before. The attribute order can be rearranged by dragging or dropping to new position.
  • Click on Next on the upper right corner.

Step 3: Images, Price and Quantity Configurations

  1. Images Configuration

Images can be configured in two ways.

Single Set of Images to all SKUs apply

configurable product apply single set of images to all skus

  • Select Apply single set of image to all SKUs from the list.
  • Choose the desired image from your browser or drag images in.
Unique images for each SKU apply

unique images each sku

  • Select Apply unique images by attribute to each SKU from the list.
  • Select the attribute (for example : color or size, etc…). If the customer chooses a specific choice in the attribute list, the image will appear.
  • Upload different images for each attribute by either browse to the images or drag them into the box. Images can be deleted by clicking on the Bin item.

2. Prices Configuration

Prices can be configured in two ways.

Single price to all SKUs apply

single price to all skus

  • Select Apply single price to all SKUs from the list.
  • Enter the price chosen.
Unique price for each SKU apply

unique prices by attributes to each sku

  • Select Apply unique prices by attribute to each SKU from the list.
  • Pick up the attribute that you want to offer a specific price on.
  • Enter the price chosen.

3. Quantity Configuration

Quantity can be configured in two ways.

Same quantity to all SKUs

quantity configuration

  • Select Apply single quantity to each SKU from the list.
  • Enter the Quantity chosen.
Unique Quantity by Attribute apply

unique quanity by attribute to each sku

  • Select Apply unique quantity by attribute to each SKU from the list.
  • Enter the Quantity chosen for each attribute.

Now, click on the upper right corner Next button to continue.

Step 4: Product Configurations Generation

Product Configurations Generation

  • First, you have to check the product list to see whether or not they are ready. If it is ready, click on Generate Product to add it to your Catalog. Product variations will appear at the bottom of the Product details in the section of Configuration.
  • Click on Edit Configuration to make any edit.

Step 5: Product Publish

publish new configurable products

  • When you think everything is ready, switch Product Online to On mode to publish them in the catalog.
  • On the save menu, tab Save & Close to finish all the generation process.
  • Click Cache Management link in the system message to flush the new cache and refresh the invalid cache.
  • Check on the Admin side bar, navigate to Products and check if new configurable product and its variations appear at the top of the list.

Step 6: Shopping Cart Thumbnails Configuration

Shopping Cart Thumbnails Configuration

  • On the Admin side bar, navigate to Stores > Configuration > Sales >Checkout.
  • Explore the section of Shopping Cart. Select Product Thumbnail Itself from the subsection of Configurable Product Image.
  • Click Save Config. to save the whole process.

Step 7: Store preview

Store preview

  • When the products go online, click on the Admin in the upper right corner. In the drop down, choose Customer View to see them on the front end of Magento 2.

That comes to the end of the tutorial for configurable products in Magento 2. the value of a drop down list is based on the attribute of the Dropdown input type. Attributes must be included in the attribute set that is later used as the template for the configurable product. Online store admin is able to set another thumbnail image in the shopping cart from the configurable product record or from product variation.

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