How to manually install a downloaded Magento theme


Magento has been growing rapidly, as the number of new Magento store owners are increasing, the demand for good looking and fully functioned Magento theme is also growing. You can easily download or purchase a Magento theme from dependent developer but you may question how to install the downloaded theme?

Installing a downloaded Magento theme is a little bit difficult with those who’re not familiar with Magento system. I will write down step by step how to do it.

Step 1: Extract/unzip template file

This is simple, after you download the theme file, it’s usually a zip file, unzip it to a folder on your PC, you will see there are at least 2 folders inside /App and /Skin, some themes may contain JS or Lib folder:

how to install download magento theme 1

Step 2: Upload your theme

Now upload the extracted folder to your Magento root folder, you can use whatever FTP client like Winscp, Filezilla, cuteftp….

upload theme folder magento

Step 3: Activate your new Magento theme

Once you finished the upload, you will need to active your new theme. The theme name are determined by name of the following directory

• app > design > frontend > package name  > theme name

• skin > frontend > package name > theme name.

The structure can be described as below

magento theme structure

That’s it, now to go Admin section in Magento to active your theme.

Go to System > Configuration > General > Design, here you can set Package name and theme name

active magento theme

After you are done, save changes and you will see the new theme activated in frontend


How to manually install a downloaded Magento theme
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  1. Hello I am trying to install Magneto theme but I am not getting root folder as app skin lib js folders are already there in FTP and they all are seperated so I have to install all the folders separately or I have to merge theme files in one folder??

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