How to install Magento using Softaculous software


We have many ways to install Magento, from manual installation to automated installation. In this tutorial for beginner Magento user, I will guide you how to install Magento using Softaculous software, which is integrated into many popular panels like Cpanel.

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To install Magento on Softaculous in 5 minutes, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Access Softaculous in cPanel

Navigate to Software/Services, there you will find the Softaculous icon, click to open Softaculous.

install magento softaculous

In Softaculous page, we will have to look for Magento installation (located in E-Commerce section)


install magento softaculous - magento commerce


Now we will begin the installation process by click on Install button

install magento softaculous - start installation


STEP 2: Configure Magento Installation Settings

First, we will choose the version of Magento, it’s better to choose the latest version of Magento for your store (1.9 at the moment). If you have themes or extensions that work only with the older version of Magento, then pick it from the dropdown menu.

setting up the installation of Magento

Choose protocol: if you want to use SSL for secure browsing choose HTTPS.

Database Name: enter the name for your Database, Softaculous will create the Database and assign it to your Magento installation

Domain: choose the domain of your store.

In directory: Choose the folder you want to install Magento to, if you want to access your store from main Domain then leave it blank.

STEP 3: Create admin account for Magento store

Now you will be redirected to the page where you can create Admin account for your Magento store. Input the required i

admin account for magento store

After you’re done, click on Install, you will see a progress bar to track the installation process, just a few seconds and your store will be ready to upload very first products. You will be provided with the link to access store and admin dashboard

finish the magento installation with softaculous

Now just begin uploading your products and optimize your store’s interface.


Sometimes you will see the error: Database server does not support the InnoDB storage engine in Magento. Learn how to fix this error here


How to install Magento using Softaculous software
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  1. Do know how Magento converts the ab_bb names to ditoercry/capital names?For example, where would it search for abmodule/subditoercry_filebb?I supposed that it would look in /app/code/local/[package_name]/abmodulebb/absubditoercrybb/abfilebb.php. But it stille gives me this error, that it can’t find the model.

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