How to fix navigation menu not showing in magento 2


Not showing Navigation menu is a common problem in Magento 2. the menu does not display on the front end even you have called the particular categories to do so. It’s good to know how to fix it before you intend to create and extensive category system in Magento 2. If the navigation menu does not display, the page will be blank like this:

The problem lies on a particular Root category, If you change the default category or create any new Root category, the Navigation menu does not recognize it without a tweak. In this post, we will tutor you to fix the problem step by step.

Step 1:

  • Login to the back end of your Magento 2 store.
  • From the Admin sidebar, choose Product > Categories.
  • Click Add Root Category.
  • On the General Information tab:
  • Name your Root Category (root-Site name) in the Name box.
  • Ensure the Is Active box is changed into Yes.
  • Ensure the Include in Navigation Menu is changed into Yes.
  • Click Save Category.

Step 2:

  • Select the new Category just created.
  • With the new Root Category, click Add SubCategory.
  • Create the subcategory of the main root category. Ensure the Name is entered in the Name box; Is Active is change into Yes and Included on the Nav Menu is changed into Yes.
  • Save the subcategory by clicking the upper right corner orange button Save Category.

Step 3:

From the Admin side bar, navigate to Stores > All Stores.

Click on the Main Menu Store link on the second column and explore the content.

In the section of Root Category, click to drop down the list of all Category and choose the new Root Category created earlier (root- Sitename).

Click on the .upper right orange button Save Store to save the procedure.

Any new categories you have just created should appear on the Navigation menu now.

Remember that when you create Products, on the Inventory tab, add a number to Quantity field and change the Stock Availability to In Stock. Otherwise, products may not be displayed in their Categories.

That comes to the end of our tutorial for fixing not showing Navigation Menu in Magento 2. If you have further question or contribution related to this issue, please leave us some comments.


How to fix navigation menu not showing in magento 2
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