How to display latest product on Magento homepage with Pagination


Recently, a customer asked me that he wants to make latest products from a specific category display on Magento homepage? This can be done very quickly but it will be a little tricky and I’m documenting the tutorial it here for everyone’s benefit:

Step 1:

Login to Magento Admin, go to CMS > Manage Pages and click on the Home page

cms page magento admin

Steps 2:

Go to “Design” tab and paste the following code:

edit homepage magento

Note: 101 is my Category ID, you can change it to the Category ID you want, all products in this category will be displayed on Homepage

You can also add more action method to customize how products are listed on your homepage. for example:

Set the category ID:  <action method="setCategoryId"><category_id>10</category_id></action>

Set number of columns:  <action method="setColumnCount"><column_count>6</column_count></action>

Set product count:   <action method="setProductsCount"><count>0</count></action>

Change toolbar name:  <action method="setToolbarBlockName"><name>product_list_toolbar</name></action>

To get category ID, go to Catalog > Manage categories, look for Cat ID as below:

how to get category id magento

Step 3:

Click on Save Page and refresh your Magento homepage, now you will see product in category 101 showing up with pagination on homepage

pagination for product on specific category magento

For an Ecommerce store, we always want to show latest products on Homepage so that customers can find our new products more quickly. I hope you find this tutorial helpful, just drop your questions or feedback in comment section, I will reply as quickly as possible.

Happy coding.

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