How to CSV import simple and configurable Magento product


When importing Magento products to another Magento store, it will take lots of time if we insert products one by one, thus we will need an automated way to do this.

In this tutorial, we will guide you how to import multiple simple products and Configurable products in Magento using CSV file.

Simple product

Export product and create template for importing product

In this part, we will create a sample product, export it and use it as template for importing multiple products.

Step 1: Create category

Now, go to your Magento admin backend -> Catalog -> Manage Categories.

manage category import product magento


Now add a new category by filling in all the required fields and click on Save Category

create category import product magento

Remember to save ID of the new category.

id of category


If you want to add more attributes for the product to import, go to Catalog ->Attributes ->Manage Attributes -> Add new Attribute.

add new attribute for product

You can use this function to add custom attributes other than default attributes of Magento.

Step 2: Add sample product to Magento

Now we will add a sample product to Magento, after that we will export this product and use it as template for importing all the other products. Remember to add all the attribute you want to use for the product in this sample product. Go to Catalog > Manage product > Add product

add new attribute for product

Now we are ready to create sample export and we will use it as template for importing other product. In Magento backend, go to System -> Import/Export -> Dataflow – Profiles.

dataflow - profiles export all products

Select Export All Products

export all products

In Profile Information -> Store choose the store in which you created your sample product.

choose the store to export product

In Data Transfer, select Local/Remote Server to store your file in your hosting. This path field specifies you where you can find the exported file. After everything is set, click on save profile and next click on Run Profile in Popup.

export product in magento run profile in popup

Wait for the module to run, when everything is done you will see this

export product is running


Next, use some software like Winscp to connect your Magento hosting server and go to var/export/ to get the exported csv file.

Import product

Now open the file and you will see columns corresponding to attribute value. Now insert the id of the category you want to assign to the product and add more products you want to import to this file.

magento exported product excel format

Next, Go to Admin -> System -> Import/Export -> Dataflow Profiles and select Import All Products. Go to Upload file and Browse for the file you want to import.

select file to import to magento store


Finally, run Profile to start importing your product

run import profile

If there’s no error with your import, you will see the following message

successfully import product magento

Go to Product section to see the imported product and start to reindex.

Configurable product

It’s a bit more complicated to import configurable products, there are many 3rd Magento extension that can help you import Configurable product. In this tutorial, we recommend using the most popular tool: Magmi

magmi import magento configurable product

Magmi is the most powerful tool to import both simple and configurable product in Magento

Download Magmi

Click on this link to download Migami:

How to install Magmi

You can find document on install Migami here:

How to import Magento configurable product with Magmi

We will need to install a plugin to enable importing configurable product in Magento, check it out here:

Full wiki page for usage of Magmi can be found here:

The wiki page shows you full tutorials on using Magmi, if you have any questions please drop a comment here or there’s a dedicated forum for Migami users which can be found here

Good luck on importing Magento product

How to CSV import simple and configurable Magento product
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  1. Hi,

    I have upload 4000 configurable product in 1 days. Two attribute add size and potency. How to automatic add configurable product csv. Please tell me any idea (suggestion) or plugin.

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  2. Magmi works for me, almost. It adds the simple and configurable products into Magento, but when I go to edit configurable product, I get errors. I would just like to add another good friendly paid module because it saved me hours. So, if anyone wants a solution that imports configurable and grouped products, try Store Manager:

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