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When start an online business, what we need to do at the very first is adding our products to website’s database. In Magento, adding products is not a simple task, there are something we need to pay attention to in order to properly add a product to Magento.

In this tutorial for beginners by Magento explorer, we will learn how to properly add a product to Magento store.

Step 1

First login to Magento backend and go to Catalog > Manage products, in this section, you can manage all products on your Magento store, you can add new product, remove, change status, update attributes of products here.

Click on Add Product to add new product to your storehow to create or add new product to magento

Next, specify attribute and product type for your product, in this example, we will add a simple product with default attribute (remember that Attribute set can’t be changed once it’s set, Attribute set will assign variables to the products)how to create or add new product to magento 2

Product type: There are several product types that we can see, here is explanation for each product type in Magento:

  • Simple product: simple product is an individual product that has its own product page, it stands separately from other products in your store. Simple product acts as a self-sufficient product.
  • Grouped product: Grouped product is a set of simple products, it’s grouped with other Grouped products on a single product page on store frontend interface. For example, a cell phone, a phone case and phone headphone can be set as grouped products. This is great for your promotional strategy as customer will see a set of relevant products on the same pages, which encourage them to buy more. This is an example:

grouped product magento

  • Configurable product: Configurable product type allows you to create a product with lots of option available. For example we have a shirt with 3 colors and 2 sizes > we have 6 simple products here:
  1. Red shirt – XL size
  2. Blue Shirt – XL size
  3. Yellow Shirt – XL size
  4. Red shirt – S size
  5. Blue Shirt – S size
  6. Yellow Shirt – S size
  • Bundle product: Bundle product allows customers to build a product with options they desire, for example, a PC with HDD, Ram, CPU, Display, Mouse, Keyboard… and Magento will calculate that product’s price at the end when customer finished choosing product options. That is a bundle product
  • Downloadable product: Product that can be downloaded as a file, when customers purchase this product, a download link will be generated and sent to their account or email and they can access this link anytime they want to download the product
  • Virtual products: This kind of product is service, for example, warranty, support, upgrade service…

Step 2

Now a page come out with lots of options for product. We will go and explain step by step:

On General tab, you can specify your Product’s name, Description, and Product Short Description, those values represent the follow element on product pages:

product description in magento

Fill the required information such as SKU (Stock keeping unit), weight and set product to be enabled to be displayed on store or not.

Visibility field allows you to enable whether showing product on search result page and catalog page or not.

In price tab, you can specify your product’s price and Tax

Meta information: This is for SEO purpose, fill in Meta title, Meta information and Meta keyword for your product page. This will be read and displayed on search engine result pagemeta information magento


Images: You can upload product images and set product base Image, small Image and thumbnail here, there are 3 options to be noticed:

  • Base Image: Main image on product page

base image

  • Small Image: Image that appears on homepage or category page

small image

  • Thumbnail: Small image that appears on related products list or recently viewed products

Thumbnail image

Click on browse to select images for upload, next click on upload to begin uploading images.

Inventory: In inventory tab, you can specify quantity of products in stock and some rules for stock. To enable product to be shown on homepage or category page, choose Stock Availability as In Stock

Design tab allow you to set custom layout for individual product page. This custom layout will overrides all global rules.

Category: You can select categories for product here, multi categories can be selected

Related product, up-sell and cross-sell: This is for marketing purpose, allows to show related products on your product page

Step 3

After you complete product profile, save your products and Add and display your product to homepage or specific category

We will continue with advanced product options that were not mentioned in this tutorial in the next tutorial.

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