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Favicon is a small icon that is displayed on users’ address bar or bookmark of the browser. Users can also see a website’s Favicon next to page’s title on browser tab. There are much more use of favicon that makes it a great tool for increasing brand’s awareness.

In this quick Magento tutorial, we will learn how to change favicon for Magento.

Step 1: Preparation

We need a favicon file (Magento accepts ICO, PNG, GIF, JPG, JPEG, APNG extension) to change your favicon, you can design your our favicon file or generate 1 from your existing image at

This is the favicon I created and using for Magento explorer 

Step 2: Change favicon for Magento site

In your backend, navigate to System > Configuration > General > Design tab

how to change favico design tab

Next, choose the favicon file you created in Step 1 and click on Save Config


Change favicon in Admin

The default url to favicon file in Magento admin is: skin/adminhtml/default/default/favicon.ico, you can navigate to this location using FTP file manager and upload and replace your new favicon here.

favicon in admin magento

If you want another name for favicon file rather than default name, you can look for this line in app\design\adminhtml\default\default\template\page\head.phtml

Here you can change favicon.ico file name to the name you want.

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