How to change default Magento logo in backend and frontend


When setting up a Magento store, we will have to replace the default Magento logo with our designed Logo. In this tutorial, we will learn how to change default Magento logo in backend and frontend of your Magento store.

Magento Frontend Logo (header)

To change header Logo, first log in to your Magento backend and go to System > Configuration > Design > Header

change magento frontend logo 1

Here you can see which logo file is being used by your theme, now we need to upload our new designed logo to skin folder of Magento.

Now we will locate which theme our store is using by checking image URL of current logo, right click to your current logo and click on Inspect

 inspect magento logo

You will see the link to your Logo file and what Magento theme you are using.

image url link magento logo

In this example, we are using RWD theme and logo.gif file.

Next we will upload our designed logo file to Magento skin folder (RWD). Open your FTP client and go to /skin/frontend/rwd/default/images folder. Here you can upload your designed logo file, as you can see I named my file as and upload it to this folder

upload new magento logo

Finally, replace your new logo by changing file name in System > Configuration > Design > Header and save change

change new magento logo name

You will now see the new logo on your store

new magento logo changed

Magento Backend Logo

Sometimes you also want to replace the default backend logo in Login page

change magento backend logo1

Or admin page

change magento backend logo2

To do this, follow the same steps in changing front end logo and find your image url to backend logo. By default, logo for login page is located in /skin/adminhtml/default/default/images/login_logo.gif and logo for admin page is located in /skin/adminhtml/default/default/images/logo.gif

Change logo for login page

Since this logo is embedded in css file of your theme so if you don’t want to edit css file, simply rename the old logo to a different name like old_login_logo.gif and upload your new logo as login_logo.gif to adminhtml/default/default/images/ Reload your page to see the change.

new magento login page logo

Change logo for Admin page

Upload your designed logo to /skin/adminhtml/default/default/images/, in this example I named the file as newlogo.gif, next open /app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/page/header.phtml, find the following line:

Change logo,gif to newlogo.gif and refresh admin page to see the result

change magento backend logo 3


Change Magento Transactional Email Logo

To change default email logo, go to System > Configuration > Design > Transactional Emails. here you can upload you desired logo for email.

transaction email magento logo

Change Magento Print Logo

To change default print logo, go to System > Configuration > Design > Sales > Invoice and Packing Slip Design. here you can upload you desired logo for print

change magento print logo


Changing default logo/image for Magento is not very difficult but it’s necessary to make your store stand out from the crowd and build brand awareness. Feel free to leave a question or suggestion if you get any troubles while changing Magento logo.


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