How to add Reviews and Ratings in Magento 2


Product reviews and ratings is an interesting way of customer communication allowing customers to show their satisfaction with your store products and services.

add review and rating in magento 2

Review and Rating

As being figured for other customers to see as well, they build up a sense of community and will be considered to be more credible than any advertising methods. As a matter of fact, some search engines gives sites with product reviews and ratings higher rank compared to those without it as ratings consist of criteria that can be modified to better represent your store’s features.

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The configuration allows to determine whether the customers must have an account before writing any product reviews or they can submit reviews as anonymous.

This tutorial will guide you through all the steps to add Reviews and Ratings to your Magento 2 store product pages and manage them.

1. Rating Criteria

Step 1:

Assume that we want to set up ratings for Delivery service.

set up ratings for Delivery service

  • Login to the back-end of your Magneto 2.
  • From the Admin side bar, navigate to Stores > Rating.
  • Click on the Add New Rating button on the upper right corner to start.

Step 2:

rating title Default Value

  • In the section of Default Value, name the rating option. In this example, name it Delivery.
  • In the Default Store View, set the visibility of the rating.
  • Check mark the new ratings as Active and set the Sort Order to 3 as we have some existing Rating Values already.

Click the Save Rating button to add the new Value.

2. Review

Step 1:

setup reviews

  • Login to the back- end of the Magento 2.
  • Form the Admin side bar, navigate to Marketing > Reviews.

edit reviews magento 2

From here, you can manually add the new Review for your store if you have received reviews via other communication methods like email or Facebook page. You can also select the user submitted reviews and make them visible on the website. Click Edit button on the selected reviews to do so.

Step 2:

As clicking the Edit button, explore the Review Details:

Review Details

In this section, you can change to approve the review details and can add to the review.

review details 2

In the Status drop-down menu, you can edit the Nickname of the author, the Summary of the review and the Review content itself.

Click Save Review button to add the review to the front end of the page.

check result on front end page

The visible Reviews on the front end of the page can be seen in the Reviews tab below the product as above.

As you can see, Magento 2 creates really powerful Reviews and Ratings tools for our online store. You can easily manage these two tools following this tutorial to engage loyalty of the customer. If you have further inquiry for this topic, leave us with your comments.

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