How to add and display all products on Homepage in Magento


After setting up Magento, what we want to do at first is adding some products to Magento homepage. As you may notice, when you add new products to Magento, they will not be automatically displayed on Magento homepage. We have some extra steps to tell Magento to display products/categories to Magento homepage.

In this Magento tutorial, we will go step by step how to:

  • Add and display all products to Magento homepage
  • Add and display products from a specific category to Magento homepage
  • Add and display products marked as new

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We will need to add some specific code snippets, which I will provide in this tutorial, to homepage so that it will display the set of products we want onto homepage.

Before we begin

From Magento 1.9, we need to set permission for ‘catalog/product_list’ block to enable this block to be shown on Magento homepage.

Go to ‘System->Permissions->Blocks‘ add permission for  catalog/product_list block as below:set block permission homepage magento

Display all products on Magento homepage

In Magento backend, go to CMS -> Manage pages > Homepage

add products to homepage magento

In content section, click on button to add HTML code to your page

add products to homepage magento 2

and add the following code into the WYSIWYG editor


Finally save your changes and go to Homepage to see the magic

add and display products to homepage magento 4

Display products from a specific category to homepage

First, we will look for ID of category we want to add to homepage, in Magento backend, go to Catalog > Categories > Select the category you want to display on Homepage, the category ID will be shown next to Category name

category id magento

After we got Category ID, same as display all products on homepage, go to CMS -> Pages > Homepage and add the follow code to HTML editor of Homepage:

Remember to replace category_id="3"  with your category ID

Finally, refresh homepage to see changes

Add and display only new products

We use the following code to add new product to Magento homepage

Replace  products_count="8"  with your preferred value

Add and display Recently Viewed Products

Similarly we can add the following code to display recently viewed products to Magento homepage to remind customers about what products they’ve seen on your store.


There are much more we can do with homepage of Magento, just tweak the code we add to homepage of Magento and we can customize product display as we want. I will go in more detail in the next part of the series Magento tutorial for beginners

Drop a comment if you have any question

Good luck!

How to add and display all products on Homepage in Magento
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