How to change login to Case Sensitive in Magento 1.9


By default, Magento users can log in to the backend of the store normally without being considered as case sensitive. However, it is recommended to change the login mode into case sensitive in order to improve shopping cart and backend’s security as case sensitive make the password harder to be hacked. This tutorial will guide you how to change login to Case Sensitive in Magento 1.9.

1. Login to the backend of your Magento store.

2. From the Admin dashboard, navigate to System > Configuration.


3. From the left-side menu, select Advanced > Admin

advanced > admin

4. Explore the Security section, in the subsection of Login is Case Sensitive, from the drop-down menu, choose Yes to enable case sensitive mode.

Click Save Config to finish.

enable case sensitive mode

That comes to the end of the tutorial. If you have any further questions on this topic, please comment below to let us know.

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