How to edit or remove the Copyright Notice footer in Magento 2?


The copyright notice footer in Magento 2 is the text lines in the footer part of the Magento 2 store presenting the current year, and the information that the website is powered by the company by law and user reserves the right to manage it. By default, after the basic installation, the Magento 2 site will have the following footer:

Your online store, however, needs a customized copyright footer, for example:

This tutorial will guide you through the process to edit the footer.

Step 1:

Login to the back end of the Magento 2.

From the Admin sidebar, navigate to Store > Settings > Configuration.

On the panel appears, choose General > Design.

Scroll to explore the Footer section.

Step 2:

In the Footer section:

  • In the box of Copyright, fill in with the copyright notice to appear in the footer section of each page.
  • Add Miscellaneous HTML as needed.

Hit Save Config. button to save all the process.

That comes to the end of the tutorial. If you get any obstacles during the process, please comment so that we can get you.

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