Download free Magento Ebook: Mastering Magento Free Magento Ebook pdf


Mastering Magento free Magento ebook is the perfect Magento ebook for both beginner and advanced Magento store owners, developers and desingers. With this ebook, you will better understand how Magento works and how to exploit the power of this most popular open source ecommerce platform to run an efficient online store.

Mastering Magento free ebook pdf

What You Will Learn from the book

  • Install Magento step by step
  • Add products to homepage/category page
  • Add new categories to your Magento store
  • Create attribute for your products
  • Optimize your product’s description, product url, image
  • Learn how to set Tax rule to different shipping address/product types
  • Show related products when customers viewing a specific product
  • Allow customers to choose options for product like color, size…
  • Setting discount according to specific rules
  • Setting up payment method for your store

Table of content

Chaper 1: Planning for Magento
Chaper 2: Successful Magento Installation
Chaper 3: Managing Products
Chaper 4: Designs and Themes
Chaper 5: Configuring to Sell
Chaper 6: Managing Non-product Content
Chaper 7: Marketing Tools
Chaper 8: Extending Magento
Chaper 9: Optimizing Magento
Chaper 10: Advanced Techniques
Chaper 11: Pre-launch Checklist

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The book is available as PDF and Epub

Download free Magento Ebook: Mastering Magento Free Magento Ebook pdf
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Daniel is a Magento developer with 5 years of experience with customizing Magento extensions, Magento templates. He's main author at Magento explorer


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