Download free Magento Ebook: Magento Beginner’s Guide – Second Edition


Magento Beginner’s Guide – Second Edition will guide you steps by steps how to build a simple but powerful and effective Magento ecommerce store. You will lean how to install, configure and setting up your Magento store as you want. Magento Beginner’s Guide is the right ebook for those who’re new to Magento and need a trusted resource to start.


What You Will Learn from the book

  • Install Magento step by step
  • Add products to homepage/category page
  • Add new categories to your Magento store
  • Create attribute for your products
  • Optimize your product’s description, product url, image
  • Learn how to set Tax rule to different shipping address/product types
  • Show related products when customers viewing a specific product
  • Allow customers to choose options for product like color, size…
  • Setting discount according to specific rules
  • Setting up payment method for your store

Table of content

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Installation
  • Chapter 3: Categories and attributes
  • Chapter 4: Taxes
  • Chapter 5: Adding simple products
  • Chapter 6: Minimum customization of your store’s appearance
  • Chapter 7: Beyond simple products
  • Chapter 8: Customer relationships
  • Chapter 9: Accepting payment
  • Chapter 10: Configuring shipping
  • Chapter 11: Fulfilling an Order
  • Appendix: Abbreviated step-by-step directions

Download link

The ebook is available as PDF and EPUB, you can download the ebook for free here:

Download free Magento Ebook: Magento Beginner’s Guide – Second Edition
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