Download Magento 2 Ebook: Magento 2 Development Cookbook pdf


Magento Magento 2 Development Cookbook ebook pdf comprised of over 60 recipes that will help you fully customize your Magento store, you will learn how to install Magento 2 or upgrade Magento 2 from Magento 1, how to customize your Magento 2 site’s appearance for functionalities. All are included in this book, a great book for those who are new to Magento 2

Magento Magento 2 Development Cookbook is written by Bart Delvaux and published by packpub

magento 2 development cookbook

What You Will Learn

  • How to Install a Magento 2 with sample data
  • Transfer data from Magento 1 to a Magento 2
  • Manage Magento 2 custom theme
  • Add custom functionality such as forms, grids, and more to Magento 2
  • Using performance tool to optimize Magento 2 speed
  • Create your own Magento 2 shipping module
  • Test Magento 2 and manage product display in Magento 2

Table of Contents

Chaper 1: Upgrading From Magento 1
Chaper 2: Working With Products
Chaper 3: Theming
Chaper 4: Creating a Module
Chaper 5: Databases and Modules
Chaper 6: Magento Backend
Chaper 7: Event Handlers and Cronjobs
Chaper 8: Creating a Shipping Module
Chaper 9: Creating a Product Slider Widget
Chaper 10: Performance Optimization
Chaper 11: Debugging and Unit Testing

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Download Magento 2 Ebook: Magento 2 Development Cookbook pdf
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