How to add Store Email Address to Magento 1.9


By default, Magento store uses three pre-defined email address including General Contact, Sales representative and Customer Support one in certain circumstances. The sender name and email address for each pre-defined one are set by default as initial installation.

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This tutorial will show you how to change these email address to your store’s ones.

1. Login to the backend of your Magento store.

2. From the Admin dashboard, navigate to System > Configuration.


3. In the left-side menu, select General > Store Email Addresses. Explore the General Contact section:

change store email address

Enter the Sender Name and Sender Email to customize your contact.

4. Sales Representative and Customer Support email can be changed similar to General Contact.

You can also add more Custom Email in the same way.

5. Click Save Config to finish.

That comes to the end of the tutorial. If you have any further questions, please comment below to let us know.

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