How to add or remove Related Products in Magento 2


Related Products are the products in the same category as the item(s) customers just view on your store. Therefore, displaying related products is an exciting idea of boosting sell for your page. Magento 2 store supports users with this configuration. Customers can easily add the related products into their cart by simply clicking on the checkbox.

Previously, we learned how to add upsell and cross-sell in Magento 2, today, we will guide you through the process of adding and removing the related product(s) from your Product View Page in Magento 2.

1. Add Related Products

Add Related Products

1. Login to the backend of your Magento 2 store.

2. Open the Product in Edit mode.

3. Navigate to Advanced Setting > Related Products.

4. Add related products that are suitable.

5. Click the Reset Filter icon at the upper right corner to list all available products or use the Filter tool to find a specific one.

6. Mark the checkbox of the products that you want to put online.

2. Remove Related Products

Remove Related Products

1. Come back to the Related Products section.

2. Unmarked the checkbox sand click Save.

The related products will be removed from the Product View Page.

That comes to the end of the tutorial. If you have any trouble of applying the tutorial, please feel free to let us know by commenting below.

How to add or remove Related Products in Magento 2
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