6 reasons Why Magento is best Platform for Ecommerce Startups


General impression is that Magento is for big brands and huge ecommerce entrepreneurs, but it always might not stand true. It is easy, intuitive, and comprehensive ecommerce platform that anyone can love and accept.


When Magento was released first time in 2007, it was considered as complex open source solutions for online entrepreneurs. Today it is a king of ecommerce solutions on the planet and more than 40% ecommerce sites are running on this platform.

It has acquired such position by numerous distinct characteristics, and it is capable of winning startups too.

1. Magento is Intuitive and Easy to Use by All

Unlike the ancient era of the web, modern startups are tech-savvy and power users. Thus, they get familiarity with easy CMS powered backend of Magento rapidly. It has an intuitive dashboard in the backend that makes configuration and setting easy. Magento can be easily installed with 1-click-to-install tool provided by many like Softaculous Magento hosting provider .

Magento technically takes modular approaches. Therefore, its interface is clutter free at frontend as well as backend. The structure and architecture of the site are well organized, and everything seems categorized, so site management becomes quite easy and fast.

The site layout at backend and frontend is comprehensive, so any level of user can manage it easily or learn management rapidly compared to existing ecommerce platforms.

Therefore, its intuitiveness and easiness are winning factors for startups.

2. Magento is a Leatherman of Ecommerce

Magento is a Leatherman of Ecommerce

Besides organized and straightforward backend, admin area of Magento is rich and lean to offer flexibility. Its admin area enables its power users to modify everything as per needs and wishes including product features, product categories, underlying product content, and anything related to the store.

Just like Leatherman tools, Magento is capable of handling several tasks or things with a single backend even you can create and manage multiple stores as a marketing strategy!

You can target different customer groups or target audience (For instance, wholesalers and retailers) with single admin and offer all marketing incentives possible with Magento. In fact, such miracle is only possible with Magento and its robustness in ecommerce software world.

3. Magento Favors Personalization and Customization

Personalization and Customization

We are living in personalization era of the web where everything is moving around the user to please and win her. If you satisfy the personal ego of a user by giving her sufficient and legitimate importance, she may become your loyal consumers in the long run.

If you take care of all her likes and dislikes, you can secure more and consistent profits by bulk and repeated purchases. If you offer shoppers the best user experiences all times, they may tempt to refer you everywhere including on the social media and consequently make your store as well as products viral in your niche market.

Technically, all these are not easy to achieve. It demands higher flexibility from the ecommerce platform to address each bespoke need of shoppers as well as store owners/developers. It also demands easy and seamless integration of several plugins/extensions and third party software or services.

Fortunately, Magento is equipped with all required arsenals to accomplish all these without much hassles at programming, integration, and configuration. Its core remains intact and lets owners or developers to upgrade the source anytime.

The extended functionality and additional features come with its myriads of extensions, plugins, components, and third party integration. Templates or themes enable the platform to give consistency and responsiveness. Therefore, today almost all Magento stores are mobile friendly including big brands.

If you have hired Magento developers or a team from reputed Magento Ecommerce Development Company who personalization and customization of your Magento storefront become quite easy and cheaper compared to the market.

4. Magento Embracing by Big Brands assures it as a Secured Platform

Magento Embracing by Big Brands

Magento has been embraced by big brands including Ford, Samsung, Nike, Gant, and Olympus directly suggesting it as a secure commercial ecommerce system on the planet.

Improvement in Magento is a constant phenomenon. Its ethical hackers are continuously trying to find a vulnerability and release patches with automatic or voluntary updates. Therefore, despite the intricate system, Magento is high performing and fast, all times.

Its database is safe and firewalled against data breaches. Magento is usually considered as the most stable platform due to its supportive architecture that can absorb any crash or load easily.

5. Magento is an Obvious Choice of the Internet Marketers

magento Choice of the Internet Marketers

Magento is 100% SEO friendly and the Internet marketing friendly ecommerce platform, it’s easy to use from beginner to advanced level. Therefore, you can display custom URL instead of a dynamic string of PHP to appear. Infusion of Meta Data is easy.

Magento has the most advanced SEO toolkit in the ecommerce world. Therefore, you can set Robots.txt, redirect error pages, avoid duplicate page or content generation, etc. These are sets of SEO friendly features that enable us to win the top positions in the SERP.

Easy integration of social media networks and direct posting or updates are winning features and functionality for the SMM or SMO professionals who are scrappy to leverage the most from the social media with the least efforts.

Multimedia content friendliness enables the Internet marketers to win the most conversions using audio-visual content such as video and animation of the products or services.

Product presentations through images and videos, product use guideline videos, 3D images of products, product animations, etc. are efficient and sure-fire marketing tools that any Internet market craves for a successful marketing campaign, and Magento beautifully supports all.

6. Magento Community is Huge and Supportive

Magento is acquired by eBay, which is itself a huge ecommerce entity. Therefore, it has kept it as open source and open platform for the huge developer community. Enthusiastic Magento developers are adding values willingly in the community by amazing zeal and hard work.

You can get immediate support from the community. It may be free or paid, but quality worth you spent. Magento development companies are plenty in numbers, and prestigious enough. Thus, getting quality work at a competitive rate is the biggest advantage in Magento niche.


If your startup is promising and you are hopeful to grow further, accepting Magento as your ecommerce solution is not kooky idea at all. If you weigh the pros and cons of other ecommerce platforms, Magento may prove sure winner in the debate and practice. It is a feature-rich and proven platform to bank on.

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