The 5 Best Magento Hosting Companies Compared


When choosing the best Magento Hosting or Magento 2 hosting to host a small/medium sized Magento store, I always try to find out which company offers customer the most value. In my opinion, there are 4 things that make up a best host.

  • Hosting performance, including: Load speed, uptime, ability to handle concurrent requests.
  • Magento specialized tool
  • Support: Knowledge, speed and reliability of support on hosting problems and common Magento problem
  • Pricing: Price / value, Cheap and Affordable Magento with decent power.

In this best Magento hosting comparison and reviews, I conducted a detailed comparison of 5 most popular Magento hosting companies that are being used by many Magento site owners. I will keep extending this list so that Magento website owners will have a trusted resource for choosing best Magento hosting. This is the comparison table, we will go in detail in the next parts.

5 best Magento hosting companies compared

CompanyMagento ToolHosting perfomanceSupportSpecialsOverall RatingPrice
SiteGroundsiteground magento hosting1-Click Install Magento*Free Backup toolMagento Optimized24/24 support Livechat + Ticket for common Magento issuesFREE SuperCaching +CDNFree Magento theme10$3.95/monthmore details siteground magento hosting
a2hostinga2hosting magento hosting1-Click Install Magento*Magento Optimized24/24 support Livechat + Ticket for common Magento issuesFREE CDN + Life-time free domain9.5$3.92/monthmore details a2hosting magento hosting
NexcessNexcess Magento hosting1-Click Install Magento*PCI complianceHardware Optimized for Magento24/24 Magento dedicated supportFREE SuperCaching1 Dedicated IP9$19.95/monthmore details bluehost magento hosting
Blue Hostbluehost magento hosting1-Click Install Magento*NoHosting Issues OnlyFREE CDN and shared SSL certificate8.5$3.95/monthmore details bluehost magento hosting
HostGatorhostgator magento hosting1-Click Install Magento*No24/24 Live chat, ticket hosting issuesFREE CDN for More Speed8$3.96/monthmore details hostgator magento hosting

*Read our tutorial: How to install Magento in 5 minutes using Softaculous

Obviously, having the best performance doesn’t make a host the best Magento host, but it’s certainly one of the most important factors for handling a Magento site. Therefore, I will go in detail on each hosting company, focus mainly on their performance, I hope the data from here will be valuable to your Magento hosting research.

1. SiteGround

Average Ping Speed: 106 ms

Magento specialized tool: 1-click Magento installation

Pricing: start at 3.95$/month

Support: Livechat + Ticket, Average response time: 30 mins

Performance test:
Throughout my performance test, SiteGround returns a good average ping over different locations, take a look at the ping detail of a real Magento store running on SiteGround Magento hosting.

siteground magento hosting performanceServer location: US Min RTT: 20.971 mmsMax RTT: 228.075 mms

Website: –

SiteGround offers 3 server locations: US (chicago), Europe (Amsterdam) and Asia (Singapore) and the site in this performance test is hosted in US datacenter. As you can see from the test result, US server returns best response time only 20.971 ms while the highest response time was from Singapore server at 228.075 mms.

With three datacenters in 3 continents, you will be able to choose the server location that is nearest to the majority of your website users. This helps reduce load time > improve user’s experience > better conversion rate for an ecommerce store

Magento specialized tools:

Siteground offers their users a handy tool for Magento installation – Softaculous whichs allows to install Magento in just 1 click. This is especially helpful if you’re a new Magento use. In addition, they also provide free tutorials, application templates, and educational webinars on their website.

Free backup tool is also integrated in their hosting control panel.

What we don’t like from Siteground:

– Limitation of websites per hosting account: with the Startup hosting plan, siteground only allows you to run 1 website. However, this is not so bad as Magento is a resource-demanding platform, we should run only 1 store in startup plan.

– Expensive renewal price: Web hosting companies often offer very low signup price to acquire new customers and charge a higher renewal price. Unfortunately SiteGround is one of these companies. If you plan to go with SiteGround – please note that the renewal fee is higher than signup price.

2. A2hosting

Average Ping Speed: 129 ms

Magento specialized tool: 1-click Magento installation

Pricing: start at 3.92$/month

Support: Livechat + Ticket, Average response time: 1 hour

Performance test:
With the site I tested on A2hosting hosting, although average ping is a little bit higher than SiteGround, ping from United Stated server is really amazing. Check the ping detail belows

a2hosting magento hosting performance test

Server location: US Min RTT: 0.825 mmsMax RTT: 242.217 mms


A2hosting also provides 3 server locations: US, Europe, Hong Kong. I tested 3 server locations and US server location returns best average ping results. There’s also a good thing that A2hosting will give you 1 free domain when you sign up for a hosting plan.

Magento specialized tools:

A2hosting also integrates Softaculous in Cpanel of their hosting, a great tool that allows to install Magento in just 1 click.

What we don’t like from A2hosting:

– The Lite class shared hosting option is limited to 1 domains, support for Magento issue sometimes is not very fast.

– Unlike what they advertise, the unlimited hosting is not real; when you overuse your hosting’s CPU or Ram your websites will stop functioning.

3. Nexcess

a2hostingAverage Ping Speed: 80 ms

Magento specialized tool: 1-click Magento installation

Pricing: start at 19.95$/month

Support: Livechat + Ticket, Average response time: 2 hour

Performance test:
Throughout my Magento shared hosting test, Nexcess has the best performance. With the site I tested on A2hosting hosting, although average ping is a little bit higher than SiteGround, ping from United Stated server is really amazing. Check the ping detail belows

nexcess magento hosting performance test

Server location: US Min RTT: 26.337 mmsMax RTT: 252.477 mms


There are 3 server locations to choose: US, Australia and UK. With their demo site in US server, lowest ping

Nexcess Magento hosting comes with strong hardware specifications along with high price, $19.95 for starter package – SIP 100, Percona Server with XtraDB is used on all of Nexcess Magento plans to improve performance of Magento. What makes Nexcess stands out is that they are using 15K SAS in RAID 10 configuration, which makes your store load much faster

nexcess magento hosting price

Magento specialized tools:

Nexcess provide a free tool to install Magento Community in Control Panel of their hosting: Simple Scripts, you can install various CMS, including Magento.

Nexcess support staff are equipped with strong Magento knowledge and they will be able to help you solve common Magento issues.

What we don’t like from Nexcess:

– Hosting price is quite high, the starter plan starts at $19.95, not recommended for small Magento store.

4. Bluehost

a2hostingAverage Ping Speed: 129,70 ms

Magento specialized tool: 1-click Magento installation

Pricing: start at 3.49$/month

Support: Livechat + Ticket, Average response time: 2 hour

Performance test:
Bluehost is considered to be one of the oldest web hosting company, Bluehost is well-known for its affordable price and credibility, it’s one of the most popular hosting for small and medium-sized business. So how’s its performance toward Magento? I tested a medium Magento store on Bluehost’s Starter package and the result was g0od

bluehost magento hosting performance test

Server location: US Min RTT: 26.337 mmsMax RTT: 252.477 mms


Unlike other providers, Bluehost has only 1 server location: US Datacenter in Provo, Utah and you’re not allowed to choose server location. Thus, I recommend using this reputed hosting provider if you want to host your website in US.

Bluehost Magento hosting starter plan start at $3,49, I recommend using this plan only if your store’s daily visitors < 1000. There’s no limited period for Moneyback, you can request refund at anytime if you’re not satisfied with their service.

About support, they’re more dedicated to WordPress, not Magento, so you cannot expect their support staff to fix your advanced magento issues.

Magento specialized tools:

Bluehost uses Cpanel for their shared hosting, and Magento installation tool is also integrated in the panel. You can make your Magento installation with just 1 click. In case you want to install Magento manually, remember to check PHP version to see if it meets Magento’s requirement.

What we don’t like from Bluehost:

– Support is not good at solving complicated Magento issue, they can only deal with common Magento and hosting related issues.

– Starter plan only allows 1 domain.

– To enable SSH access, you will have to send a scan of your driver’s license to BlueHost, it will take up to 2 days.

5. Hostgator

hostgatorAverage Ping Speed: 94.76 ms

Magento specialized tool: 1-click Magento installation

Pricing: start at 3.96$/month

Support: Livechat + Ticket, Average response time: 1 hour

Performance test:
Hostgator started their empire in 2002. As you can see from ping result, Hostgator returns very low RTT from US server location and RTT in Eupore is decent. However, RTT is quite high in Asia (Malaysia, Singapore)

hostgator magento hosting performance test

Server location: US Min RTT: 7.061 mmsMax RTT: 220.777 mms


There are 2 server locations to choose, both are located in US: Houston, TX and Provo, UT, you can see more detail about their datacenter location here. We recommend using Hostgator for Magento store in US/EU only because the RTT in from Asia is not good. Starter plan fee is 3.96/mo but this price is only available if you purchase 2-year billing cycle and you can get full refund in 45-day period if you’re not satisfied with their hosting.

Magento specialized tools:

You can install Magento in just 1 click with Hostgator’s Quickinstall tool.

What we don’t like from Hostgator:

– We can host only 1 domain with their starter package.

– Renewal fee is higher than registration fee.


There’re thousands of web hosting companies in the industry. Obviously, choosing a good and reliable Magento and Magento 2 web hosting is a real hard and complicated job to most of site owners. I hope with clear and detailed figures about hosting RTT will help you easier to pick a hosting that best fits your need.

Last but not least, for Magento, I still recommend using a VPS Hosting instead of a shared hosting as a VPS can handle more task and we can install/integrate more useful addon to VPS. However, your Magento store is new and you have limited budget, then just go on to pick a shared hosting in this article to start your Magento store.

The 5 Best Magento Hosting Companies Compared
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  1. Hi Daniel, thanks for the Magento hosting review. I love the part in which you compare load speed of these hosting providers. I’m considering SiteGround and Nexcess due to their good average response time.

    • Hi Jorge, if you have enough budget you can choose Nexcess. They are Magento-dedicated hosting and they can help you with many Magento issues.

  2. My website targets customers from Canada and US, which Magento hosting provider should I choose? Could you please give advice.

    • If your visitors are mainly from US, try SiteGround. According to my test, SiteGround Magento hosting has quick and stable response time from US and Canada.

  3. Thanks for your Magento hosting review. I have a new Magento store with ~500 visitors/day, I plan to use a shared hosting due to limited budget. Could you please give advice which provider should I choose? I’m using Godaddy at the moment but it’s always overloaded so I decide to change hosting provider.
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Spane, with the number of your daily visitors, you can use Nexcess SIP-100, or SiteGround GoGeek hosting package to save your money.

    • Hi Spane,
      According to my experience with Magento hosting, you should not use Godaddy for running Magento store. They are better at selling domains, not hosting.
      If you want to run a stable Magento store, try using Nexcess or SiteGround hosting service, their hosting are optimized for Magento and they also have good support on Magento problem.
      Hope this helps

  4. I’m on a year plan with Siteground (GoGeek plan) and I’ve been with them for 6 months. I love their daily backups and supercacher feature, this really helps improve my Magento site’s performance.
    Many other stuffs like constant server monitoring, software patching and account isolation feature and with 20+ addon domains there’s no slight down time on any of them.
    What I don’t like about SiteGround is that they have limited addon domain and HDD space, which is not good for store with many product images.
    Still highly recommended because of their excellent support service.

  5. What is SiteGround Magento hosting’s super cache feature, can you explain more about it? Is is good for Magento website

  6. Hi there Daniel, thanks for your Magento hosting performance review, now I have some insights on how Magento hosting affect website speed. I’m looking for ways to improve my Magento website speed, I use pingdom tool to check for score but it always return low score (50~60) although I have made lots of code optimization. I’m using Godaddy shared hosting to host my website, are they good and optimized for Magento? I didn’t see Godaddy in your list.
    Thanks in advance for any advice

  7. Most of the listed magento hosts solution isn’t tht fast. Compare their magento demos with our demo and decide if their hosting truely the best. Our demo magento installation Loading time under 1.5 seconds and response time under 0.3 seconds you won’t believe how fast will be your magento site.

  8. Nexcess has great support with Magento issue! The only problem was with sometimes I get a 500 internal error while working in backend of Magento site, but other than that – nothing was bothering me

  9. Although the hosting price is quite high, Nexcess is the most professional company in Magento hosting. I’ve been running 5 store on their hosting and rarely encounter downtime or error.
    Siteground or Arvixe is a good option for new website with limited budget, however they can’t handle high traffic because their hosting is not purely optimized for Magento like Nexcess

  10. I’m using SiteGround starter package to run a Magento store and it can handle ~500 visitors a day or 50 concurrent online user. I think it’s a budget Magento hosting to start off with, however I’m going to use VPS hosting for my upcoming project because I don’t think a shared hosting can handle a heavy Magento site with lots of functions.
    Daniel, do you have any suggestion on VPS hosting companies that are optimized for Magento?

    • For VPS hosting for Magento, I suggest Ramnode, they are very affordable and high efficiency. However, you will need to have decent knowledge on VPS in order to setup and optimize your vps for Magento. I will update my blog with more tutorial on setting up VPS for Magento.

  11. I host my site with siteground.comSiteGround: Quality-Crafted Hosting Services and I am totally satisfied. They migrated my site from my old hosting provider free of cost and that too within 5 hours. Their support is highly efficient and bang on! I got the response of my query within 30 mins! I did a lot of research and then went for Siteground because of customer support and economical plans they provide.

  12. Your suggestions are great for shared hosting, but when you outgrow those heavily populated servers (which we did in about a year after opening) we moved to a VPS over at ecomlane and also host our wordpress site there as well. Managed VPS costs more than inexpensive shared, but when you need speed and reliability without the fear of neighbouring sites slowing you down it’s worth it.

  13. I’m running a new Magento site with about 400 daily visitors on Godaddy hosting. The hosting usually overloaded and becomes 404, do you know how to fix this and should I move to another hosting provider? Should I use VPS instead of shared hosting for my Magento site?

  14. I’m running a new Magento site with about 400 daily visitors on Godaddy hosting. The hosting usually overloaded and becomes 404, do you know how to fix this and should I move to another hosting provider? Should I use VPS instead of shared hosting for my Magento site?

    • Hello John, Godaddy is not recommended for Magento hosting because they limited hardware resource on each hosting. I suggest you to try SiteGround or Hostgator shared hosting if your site has around 200 visitors/day. Consider using a VPS only if your site has lots of product (~3000) or ~2000 daily visitors.
      Hope this helps

  15. I have tried several managed Magento hosting providers and end up with Rosehosting. The service is second to none and they provide full hand holding support.

  16. Hi Daniel, thank you for this in-depth hosting performance review, this is exactly what I’m looking for.
    Do you have any tips or guide on optimizing load speed for a Magento site on shared hosting? I have looked at my competitors’ websites and most of them have faster website load speed, even they hosted their site on a poorer performance hosting.
    Thanks in advance

  17. I have been using SiteGround for 3 years on GoGeek plan and I rarely encounter downtime with their hosting, There support are good for common hosting problems but for Magento problems, they can only help handle basic issues that are related to hosting, for other problems they can give advice which are quite useful.
    I highly recommend using SiteGround only for new Magento Store with ~500 visits/day on average, when traffic grows up, it’s better to use VPS for running Magento instead of shared hosting because you can install and customize many more components for your VPS.

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